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00:00:00,001 --> 1073741525:48:22,358 this 1073741525:48:22,358 --> 2147483051:36:44,715 is 2147483051:36:44,715 --> 3221224577:25:07,072 bbc 3221224577:25:07,072 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news. the headlines at 11. an economic hit from brexit. case against him. gonna get back. which ploughed into a group of muslim men. of wood or coal we burn to save the environment. do we? are stoves going to be the next diesel? good evening
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and welcome to bbc news. off after brexit. and all show a reduction in growth. forecasts by civil servants were always wrong. our deputy political editor, john pienaar reports. are you still in control of your party, prime minister? that nagging question again. meeting the leader
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of estonia. but britain is leaving the eu. theresa may says the uk won't lose out when it does. about her future and britain's after brexit. economy might be held back. are we poorer as a result of brexit? by the news website buzzfeed. or world trade organization rules. a route taken by countries including norway. and claimed the leak had been used
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to damage the case for brexit. analysis. it is an attempt to undermine our exit from the european union. brexiteers argued don't believe long—term forecasts. immediate recession if we chose to leave. 5%. both were made to look extremely foolish. they felt that brexit wasn't working. embarrassment. this is a cover—up, mr speaker, pure and simple. and it stinks. over the report, or try to
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with the help of conservative rebels. in confidence if necessary. but we need to be able to do ourjob here. the way to brexit. months to come. no—one knows how brexit will turn out. the plan by the government is still a work in progress. negotiations have barely begun. and in parliament, and anyway, there is no rival organised campaign. on with what they see as a lack of direction much longer. i am told some party donors are feeling just as unhappy. a new crisis and the wheels could come off mrs may's leadership. brexit unravelling. bad results in may's local elections. tonight she is heading for china. normal business. but splits in the party have also become normal.
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the business of leadership rather precarious. john pienaar, bbc news, westminster. the student liam allan. years under investigation. hadn't been disclosed. but still had concerns. i welcome the recommendations made by the police. by the police. to address the true values of this case.
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case. a couple of snapchat messages from the victim's phone. the victim's phone. considered supportive or undermining. undermining. aware of any electronic data following the crown's information. following the crown's information. because it only assisted the crown's case. case. that assisted mike hesson exonerate me. me. had looked at these messages that has not been addressed. has not been addressed. feel has been lost is to decide what is this and what is undermining. is this and what is undermining. their case and it is the issue i wish to be redressed. wish to be redressed. regain and rebuild my life and for me this will be my final interview.
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at the time. and injuring several others. been hoping to kill the labour leader, jeremy corbyn. daniel sandford reports. and injured close to a dozen more. caught this conversation. i lost control of the van. i lost control, man. you lost control of the van, you were driving? yeah. in previous years been attended byjeremy corbyn.
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and kill him? osborne said. "and if sadiq khan had been there it would have been even better. it would've been like winning the lottery". dave, and terryjones. but they had given up and were going for a drink. and he was in the footwell and that dave then ran off. "do you often travel in the foot well? the prosecution asked. "no, i was changing my trousers" osborne explained. "you invented his participation, didn't you? "i've no answer to that" darren osborne replied. and terry is totally fabricated, isn't it? "incorrect," osborne replied. jonathan rees qc accused him of not taking the case seriously. being tried for murder, having a laugh?
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"i'm at a loss why you would draw that conclusion," osborne said. "no, i'm flying solo mate". daniel sanford, bbc news, woolwich crown court. and some have been paid too little. in news has found no evidence of gender bias. the bbc sets pay. here's our media editor amol rajan. itself. earners last summer. we have had quite a busy morning. had been made.
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i do believe that some men have been paid too much. there is absolutely no doubt about that. at the bbc. i don't know what went on before. you were director of news, weren't you in your previous job? that was, i'm afraid to say, 20 odd years ago. it is 20 odd years ago that some of these grievances stem from. to be heard. increase in transparency.
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of mps. who have formally complained. an equal pay review. and when i did that i had an immediate five grand pay rise. peers were earning when they were still doing identicaljobs. drama, and entertainment rather than news. wrong for years. down the organisation. tyrant is in chinos who just have not had the memo yet. women deserve equal pay for equal work. from its inception under lord reed, the bbc has been a moral project. it is therefore held to higher
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ideals than most of its rivals. average, these headlines are hurting so much. of his predecessors on this issue of gender equality. are still furious about both the present and the past. easyjet published its gender pay gap this week. at 52% it is five times that of the bbc. more had not done so already. is long overdue. this isn't about a feminist agenda, it is about equality. opportunities regardless of background.
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for tomorrow, bbc news will continue to be the news for some time yet. in 2015 must pay a total of £27. years in prison. during the heist. danjohnson gave us this update from hatton garden. it is three years since this easter bank holiday back in 2013. well, the raid here nearly three years ago was audacious. not all of which has been recovered. they heard how much they must pay back. has substantial assets here and abroad.
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7 million. 6 million. 5 million. 6 million. while awaiting sentence for possessing child pornography. media are reporting he took his own life. of possessing child pornography. he was expected to be sentenced in march. now it's time for newsnight with evan davies. helpful lessons in how not to handle the issue of gender pay. the issue of gender pay. tried to offer some lessons on how to get it right.
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to get it right. claiming there is no systematic gender bias. can that really be true? true? we will hear from the head of bbc news. do you have a wood—burning stove ? do you have a wood—burning stove? enjoy coming home to a real fire? prepare to become a social pariah. pariah. michael gove says they are seriously polluting our air. seriously polluting our air. debate the latest government thoughts on that. and this... the sinking of the empress of britain. sinking of the empress of britain. very emotional, because i realised he was writing about me. hello
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there. the bbc came back with its own analysis today. playing out elsewhere. "there is no problem, but yes, we


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